With the development of the industrialization in manufacturing industry ,pressure measurement film are playing more and more important roles in the modern producing procedure.Following are the applications .

1.Rolling pressure testing
The pressure between the roll and the circular pressing roll, the fixed roll of the copier, the printing roll、 the pressure between the laminate rollers、The binding pressure of the offset plate、the combined pressure of the grinding tape、rolling pressure of high performance film、rolling pressure of conveyor belt.

Pressure of fastening surface,for example, engine, gearbox,Turbo, valve, pump hydraulic cylinder and compressor.Check the sealing performance of gaskets, sealing rings and O-rings.

3.Contact Pressure
Contact pressure between brake, clutch and piston、Contact pressure of welding machine、Contact pressure of IC radiator.

4.Compaction Pressure
Laminated pressure of plywood and laminate、the bonding pressure of the LCD panel、wafer bonding pressure、the combined pressure of the fuel cell、bonding pressure of laminated printing plates、bonding pressure of adhesive conductive film (ACF)、combined pressure of laminated ceramic capacitance .

5.Supporting pressure
Supporting pressure of tires and crawler belt; supporting pressure on machines, girders and tanks.

6.Winding Pressure
The winding pressure of high performance film and paper , the winding pressure of coil.

7.Coating Pressure
The coating pressure of screen printing (printing substrate, etc.).

8.Contact conditions
Contact condition of stamping die, balance check of stamping machine, adhesion condition of stamping machine, offset printing cylinder pressure of printing press, contact condition of surface polishing (CMP) disk, contact condition of laminating machine roll, polishing pressure of silicon wafer, mounting pressure of semiconductor chip.

9.Surge Pressure
Functional test of baseball, golf ball and other equipment, package drop test, impact pressure of water injection, impact pressure of goods in the process of transportation, shock pressure of buffer and airbag.

Post time: Aug-17-2021