Pressure Measurement Film mono sheet MS

Pressure Measurement Film mono sheet MS

Short Description:

Product code:Medium Pressure (MS)
Pressure Range(Mpa):10-50

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Product codeMedium Pressure (MS)



Pressure Range(Mpa)10-50



Pressure Measurement Film is widely used in the area of Electronics circuit, LCD, Semiconductors, Automotive, Lithium-ion battery and Installation of mechanical equipment,etc.

Product Features

(1) Precisely measure pressure, pressure distribution and pressure balance .

(2) Contact pressure shown with differing concentrations of color can even be converted into numbers by calculation.

(3) Quick measurement, gives a clear and visual picture.

Product Specification


MS film

PET Protection Film


Black poly bag

Inside the roller

Winding direction

Coating on inner side

No coating

Film color

Cream white(light pink)






±10% or less (measured by densitometer at 23,65% RH)

Recommend temperature


Recommend humidity

35%RH-80% RH

Product Structure

(1). Structure

Pressure Measurement Film (1)

(2). How It Works

After pressure, the microcapsules are broken, the color- forming materials in the microcapsule and the color-developing materials react each other, showing red color.  The degree of microcapsule broken is determined by the value of pressure, the greater the pressure, the more microcapsule damage, the higher the color density.  Conversely, the lower the density of the color.


(1) Avoid direct sunlight and fire sources.  For long term storage, please keep the room temperature at below 15 and avoid sunlight.  The unused L and K film should be put back into the original packaging bag(L film in black poly bag, K film in blue poly bag) and store in the packaging box.  

(2) Dont contact with the following items:

Carbonless copying paper; water, oil, solvent and other chemicals ;

Plasticizers and plastic products which contain plasticizers;

Rubber and eraser

Oily handwriting

(3) The K film after indicating color should be put into the paper bag. A few K films store together, make sure the color surface does not touch each other. Better to separate by white paper.

(4) The color film samples will fade to a certain extent with the extension of time. suggest to scan the image to store.

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